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    The correct way to include image assets in RSL's in Flex

    Bayani Portier

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to move all of the image assets out of our Flex project into an RSL.


      Basically we have about 2.5Mb of code, and about 2.5 Mb of image assets. I would like to move this to another SWF to be loaded at runtime.


      I've read up on how to do this with very mixed results.


      I am including an RSL project library in my AIR/Flex project applications that contain all of the assets, but they still seem to be compiling into the base SWF.


      We are including the images via a CSS file, that we currently have in our base project for both Flex and AIR.


      We are including the css file in our WindowedApplication/Application node in our main mxml file, with the <mx:Style source="myStyleSheet.css" /> tag.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.