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    Can't sign/won't load PDF??

    Tried Everything

      I ahve been using adobe reader to access my textbool for school online. When I open the pdf files I have to input my email and password to unlock the content. Originaly the program worked but once, after I entered my password/email a box popped up and ever since clicking on it won't work. Now when I open it a small box in the right hand corner apperears saying "prepairing for submiting..." then changes to "sending/receiving data" then "receiving data". I can enter my email/password but nothing happens. The box saying "receiving data..." only loads half way but no more.


      I have uninstalled/reinstalled adobe reader, nothing changed.

      I changed all my prefrences under EDIT(in the toolbar) to those of my friends computer, which will load the pdfs successfully, nothing.


      I believe it has something to do with the signature feature, maybe it's set to auto-sign but I don't know.


      Please help me if you can my grades are depending on it...