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    MessageClientListener not working

    danny_run Level 1

      I'm using the MessageClientListener to view the visitors who are online on my application (i'm using messaging trough rtmp chanell). Everything works fine but if the user stays online a longer time the messageClientDestroyed function is not called. My implementation is like this:


      //my messaging service


      public class MyMessageService implements MessageClientListener {


           public IpZoneService() {


          public void messageClientCreated(MessageClient msg) {


          public void messageClientDestroyed(MessageClient msg) {       
             //some code to show that the user is no longer online




      My channel definition looks like this:


      <channel-definition id="my-rtmp"
                  <endpoint url="rtmp://{server.name}:2038" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.RTMPEndpoint" />
                          for deployment on WebSphere, must be mapped to a WorkManager
                          available in the web application's jndi context.
                          <websphere-workmanager-jndi-name>java:comp/env/wm/MessagingWorkManager</websphe re-workmanager-jndi-name>


      and my message:


      <destination id="mainAppl">
                  <channel ref="my-rtmp"/>
                  <channel ref="my-longpolling-amf"/>       


      On the client side i have a consumer that subscribes to my service. Like i said everything work fine if i connect and disonnect in the first minutes. But if i stay logged in more time (more then 20-30 minutes) the messageClientDestroyed is not called. If you have any ideea please help. I sopose that it's something related with the timeouts of the sessions but i don't know what.