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    A question of design

      Today I saw someone posted a design that was 3 black sections and 2 red sections. They then named this theme "Adobe". Clicking on it, it was revealed that it was, in fact, a protest against Adobe's higher pricing in Europe.

      The next theme from this same person was 5 black sections. How is this a viable theme for anything productive? The create section is there to do just that, create. Shouldn't people really think before they hit the "publish" button though? I'm not knocking creativity, but honestly, and I mean honestly tell me how that submission is anything but boring and unimaginative. It falls into the same category with the person that put up 5 white sections.

      Why clutter the "Newest" section with 5 blocks of the same color? Or with political rants about unfair pricing? Where is the creativity in that? Don't preach to me about people's imaginations coming under attack, you know that the person did the Adobe one only as a protest against Adobe's business practices. I may be being unduly harsh, but I use this site to share themes and ideas with others, and expect people to do the same.

      Besides, that's what the comments are there for right? To comment on other's work? Feel free to comment on my work.
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          Is Kuler art or not? Is art just esthetically appealing or can also be the expression of an opinion? How many artists have used the brush to express themselves? Even with messages sometimes not accepted by the majority.

          I've decided to protest against Adobe price policy in Europe and in many other countries, I think is absurd that non-US customers have to pay double for the same product. I did it on Kuler since no one is actually doing anything about this unfair treatment of European customers. I just hope that censorship will not apply to art.
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            Srta._Pinta Level 1
            Does this make it ok for YOU to bully other users? No it does not.

            I always defend Adobe, in fact I defended them against Colour Lovers. My comments were to YOU and YOUR BULLYING. This is ignored too much online, and I for one am tired of keeping quiet.

            You speak like you are defending Adobe, but in fact you are not - you are just trying to cover yourself because I called you out. What you do not know (well you do now) is that I have a screenshot of your comments to "White". There is no mention of Adobe there So... ?

            The bullying on this site with so little people commenting has gone overboard. if you are a designer and are so seasoned - why don't you use that for good instead of bad???

            We have some REAL artists on here who paint on canvas. Have you ever been to a local art show? Even better, get to an underground one so your eyes can really open.

            The mind of a true artist is not like your normal designer. There are different layers of creativity that a lot of people do not understand. that is the beauty of it.

            As for Adobe? What can I say I have had an ongoing love affair with Photoshop since 2001 so I would NEVER speak negatively of my love of its creator.

            Besides, have you ever heard of the phrase... "Controversy sells"? How many comments does he have on his theme? And they are all yours huh? They created all of these crazy emotions within you right? That is what art does.

            Relax and open your mind, you might find a place within yourself you never knew existed. :)
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              fra_dolcino Level 1
              I love Adobe products as well... That's why I'm protesting about the price. I have been a good customer of Macromedia since Flash 4 and Dreamwaever 3, since the merge I've tried to upgrade the software but the price of the US shop is much lower than that of Europe. Why? I think I've given a lot of money to this company and I deserve some respect. This is not my rant but is what actually a lot of people in Europe feel.
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                armaxx Level 1
                Ha ha. A screenshot of what? What did I say in "white" that was bullying?

                I questioned their "concept". The only keyword posted was white. Nothing else. I questioned where they drew their inspiration from. Did I ask for them to remove the design? No. I asked why they did the piece.

                That's not bullying. That's being inquisitive. You're just looking for any reason to bash me since I called out dolcino on his Adobe comments.

                I appreciate all forms of art. I've attended local shows, underground shows, mainstream shows too. I come from the northeast US, which is an area rich in ideas and concepts.

                I am using my design talent for good. I've left several positive comments for people on their concepts. What else am I supposed to say to 5 black squares or 5 white ones? "Good job!" "You really pushed the envelope on that one!"

                What would you say to those 2 ideas, the black and the white, that is constructive? Or would you just choose not to stir things up. Keep your comments to yourself?
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                  Srta._Pinta Level 1

                  I have no clue why, I do not work for Adobe.

                  Confused here... If you buy an Adobe product form their website how can they charge you more?

                  Are there any special international charges that come to play here? I have no clue about Europe and sales, etc.

                  Have you noticed any other product where this has ocurred to you as well?

                  Confused in the U, S of A.
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                    fra_dolcino Level 1
                    Have a look here, this is the BBC
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                      fra_dolcino Level 1
                      Then in the US people don't understand why in Europe and other countries there are so much piracy.
                      This is ZDNet
                      Another one, this is a very good analysis of Adobe price tactics

                      A very detailed analysis in pdf format (eheheh)
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                        Srta._Pinta Level 1
                        No offense dolci... It could be true or false but fact remains, if I am not sitting having a cocktail with the President of Adobe discussing the issue - I am no one to throw judgements.

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                          jeff_edis Level 1
                          on the subject of design, how many more of those ml### themes do we have to suffer through Pinta??

                          Enough is enough already!!!
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                            Srta._Pinta Level 1

                            Originally posted by: jeff_edis
                            on the subject of design, how many more of those ml### themes do we have to suffer through Pinta??

                            Enough is enough already!!!

                            What I name my themes is none of your concern.
                            If you stop focusing on my themes it will not bother you.
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                              armaxx Level 1
                              Perhaps limiting the number of designs one can publish per day might help. Not create that is, but publish. You can always create and save ideas.

                              Maybe limit it to 3 a day?
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                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                This topic is closed for further comments.

                                As articulated in the kuler community guidelines,
                                the purpose of the kuler site is to provide an open, welcoming, and inspiring environment where people can explore, create, and share color themes. Discussing who can publish how many themes, etc. is not in the spirit of the site. We are a diverse community of people with different opinions and aesthetics. Treat everyone with respect.