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    Rendering to .mp4 in CS3. Prem adds an extra pixel to output

    Company Media

      Hi everyone.


      Has anyone else had the same problem I'm getting?


      When I render out my file from CS3, Prem has added an extra pixel to my file.


      My settings:


      H.264 Compresser


      853x 682

      Frame Rate- 15

      Square Pixels



      Level 3.1

      1 Pass VBR

      Target bitrate - 0.5

      Max Bitrate - 1


      Under Multiplexer I have .mp4 selected not .gpp(although I tested .gpp but still got that pesky extra pixel)


      So basically my outputted file is 854x682


      I know my frame size is odd, but it is very specific for the project and cannot be altered for various reasons so please don't tell me I need to be altering my frame size, as I can't. Also the the orignal footage is a mix of screen captures and graphics.


      Thanks in advance.