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    Captivate 4, FLVs and Moodle


      Hey folks,


      I know this has been discussed in a couple of other discussions, but even after following all the advice, I am going insane and have wasted 10 hours and counting...


      The issue is that I am producing SCORM actvities for Moodle:

      1. Creating an activity in Captivate 4 - no probs

      2. Importing as an activity into Moodle - no probs

      3. Playing in Moodle - no probs except for the FLVs do not show up. No error message, just a blank screen where the video should be


      I have tried all of the following, and it has not helped:

      - Used relative paths, in fact, kept the videos in the same folder as the swf for safety (ie, in Captivate, the path is just "video.flv").

      - Tried absolute paths as well as paths to a server URL

      - ensured no special characters in video name

      - ensured meta data present in video

      - set the MIME type on the server

      - confirmed that all file uploaded and unzipped successfully

      - Tried it with Moodle filters enabled and disabled


      For additional sanity:

      - submitted to SCORM Test Track - I can see the video there

      - played the swf directly from my server - I can see the video there


      Argghhhh! Any ideas?


      Thanks, Chris

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          !1977rabbit Level 1

          Me too, same situation. I was able to do this though:


          1. copy all .flv files to a basic place on the server like:




          2. and then set an absolute path for the video slide to this location

          (Captivate loads them from a DOS path not from a web URL).


          3. So when your captivate runs on the server it will load them from the local hard drive.


          This will work and play the videos perfect (progrssive download method) in FireFox

          BUT not in IE. For some reason IE chokes and freezes up.


          ARGGGHH x2

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            KrisKistler Level 1

            I have also tried all the above.  After figuring out how to deal with some of the other bugs, (ie: if full screen checked, no zip created for scorm, etc.) everything working great on moodle finally with all the manual workarounds except the videos.

            Web server is a hosted godaddy Linux.. not sure how I would go about setting a full server path in the windows captivate app settings...


            I have tried embedding a flv with just the filename so the path would not be involved and making sure the flv video is in the same directory as the cp file.


            I have also tried inserting as a flash video using both flv and swf hosted in a "video" directory on the web server and using the fully qualified url address..  The videos in either format play fine if I access them directly from a browser, but nothing shows up at all in the moodle presentation.  Just a blank spot at the bottom of the slide...

            This would actually be preferred, because then it makes the scorm files smaller to upload changes, etc. without having to embed the videos.

            Arghh, I've spent hours upon hours with this.... the last part I need to get working.. anyone have any additional ideas?

            I've also tried embedding the swf, but then the moodle doesn't seem to like that and hangs when adding the scorm package.


            I honestly can't believe that Adobe hasn't worked these bugs and interaction with such a major player in the LMS market.

            Come on adobe, this isn't like you.

            I'm very disappointed with this so far, we bought Captivate specifically to integrate training apps with moodle, and if I can't get this worked out soon, I won't be going to Captivate 5 or any other adobe products.


            Does anyone else have ideas on this???

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I can appreciate that not being able to get your FLVs working after spending so much time is very frustrating.


              My suggestion for debugging this is to try and see what path the server is looking at when trying to find and serve up the FLV video.  You could try downloading Charles (http://www.charlesproxy.com/download/) and use this to try and view the actual file path of the request for the FLV when called.  If the file path is correct, then your issue may be related to security permissions.


              Have you set up a replica Moodle TEST environment on your own development machine?  Does the same package and FLV work when you test via Localhost?  If it does, then my bet would be some restriction in the setup of your production Moodle server or the web server it's running on, or permissions on the folder where the FLVs are being served from.