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    Have they sorted PE8 yet

    Clive Leach

      Have they sorted the crashing problem with PE8 yet


      I’m using Pinnacle 14 it’s just awesome

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          nealeh Level 5

          Adobe have issued a patch that looks to have worked for many, but not all. Glad you have found an editor that you like and does what you want it to.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Neale states, the patch has really helped many users, but there are still a few, who continue to have issues.


            I do not know Studio 14, but used Studio from 7 through 9.4.3. That latter one was the only stable version, that I found. When 10 came out, things went back to as bad as version 7. Pinnacle/AVID quickly released 10.1 and then 10.1.5, and the program still would not run. Almost immediately, the replaced it with Studio 11, but I had moved on to PrPro, and never gave 11, or later even a look. I still have a box of Pinnacle software (Studio 7 through 10) with all of the Hollywood FX, and every other add-on pack. Some day I'll give it all to Goodwill.


            I hope that Pinnacle has gotten things back to the stability level of 9.4.3, with the additional features.


            Good luck,



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              Clive Leach Level 1

              Hi Bill


              I’m just using Pinnacle 14 until they get PE8 sorted have they finished the patch

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                Clive Leach Level 1

                Hi Bill


                You want to try Pinnacle 14 you'll be amazed it's just awesome

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I'm glad that it's working well. I had not followed the development from the 10.x versions, as PrPro proved to be exactly what I needed and wanted. It works in a similar way to what I grew up with - editing film. Now, the things that I can do in seconds with video, took a week with the lab time, to do in film. Wow, have things ever changed!


                  I have a friend, who does rather simple edits of his wife's TV interviews and cooking show, and he uses and enjoys Studio 13. At least I was able to help him sort out some issues, when getting footage off of his DVR, so that he could edit. Once that was handled, it seems that Studio is doing all that he wants and needs. I have to admit that I was a bit lost in the newer GUI, but I had the same learning curve, when I added PrE to my toolbox.


                  Happy editing,



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                    Clive Leach Level 1

                    In Pinnacle 14 the user interface has been modernize and simplified from other versions


                    Video Clip in Video Clip so easy (even I can do it)


                    Loads free online training videos


                    It shut down on me when restarted I didn’t loose anything it opened up in the same place