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    How to complete process with event listening inside

    vu.tuan.anh Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a workflow, a part of it contains a branch gate way:


      Branch 1: Wait point (7 days)

      Branch 2: Listening event


      If after 7 days and no event is sent, the workflow auto emails user and closes

      Oherwise it will route to another user.


      I observe that if event is received, then at the end the process status can be COMPLETE. But if after 7 days and no event is received, after last user complete the form, the process status is still RUNNING.


      I'm thinking about this approach: adding 1 sending event after wait point in branch 1, it send an event so that branch 2 can be completed.


      Is there any other solution to complete this kind of process?


      Thank you and regards,