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    external font swf problem / bug?

    b4shaw Level 1

      I loaded an external font swf into my project and all was working fine. As the project developed all of a sudden the text wasn't showing up (on the text fields where I had embedFonts = true). I almost pulled my hair out trying to figure this out... It turns out that if you have any text fields in the actual flash document with the same font as the external font being loaded... the loaded font wont show... (if you change the fonts of all the textfields withing the flash document the loaded font works.) The loaded fonts show up as being available when you check Font.enumerateFonts but will not display in any of the textfields. Thats even if the text fields in flash are static text fields.


      my question:


      Why if theres a text field in flash using the same font as the externally loaded font swf, does the loaded font not show in any of the textfields  (where embedFonts = true).


      Is this a bug or am I missing something.