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    Project will not Run


      I am encountering a problem when trying to run a project. It generates an error message saying there is a problem with the code; when I go to the code view I see that the error is generated because it is looking for a file called Main.css. Why would it be searching for a .css file? What am I missing here?

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          DomA777 Level 1

          I should probably add a bit more info on this. I imported a .ai file, added a

          button component and then added actions to that button. The error generates when I try to Run the project.

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            DomA777 Level 1

            I may have found a fix for this, although I'm not sure if this would  be a 'best practice'. I kept running into the same problem, which was  keeping me from Running the Project, or publishing to a SWF. What I did,  after hours of trying stuff and trolling the net looking for answers,  was publish the document as a .swf as soon as I imported the document  from Illustrator, and stored the files in the same folder as my .fxp. It  automatically created all of the source files and all of that.  I was  then able to create components and such and they ran in the browser just  fine. I hope this helps.


            P.S. Thanks to Adam Cath, I  was able to figure this out by looking at your file structure in my  course files from your Catalyst 101 class at MAX.