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    Project won't load all of a sudden in PP CS4


      I am having a big problem.

      I have a project that is about 30 min long (6mb) and it gets to %98 or so and then freezes.


      Problem started after a night I set up a render, the next morning realized I forgot to turn an audio track back on.

      So I turned it on and set up the render again, when I came home the render had failed so I tried again with the same results.

      Then I rebooted to see if that would fix it, well it made things worse as now the project just will not open.


      Things I have tried:

      -Opening Auto-save (all 5)

      -Hiding assists

      -Opening project on another machine (several)

      -Importing Project to Premiere

      -XML Wrench



      I did get the project to import into After Effects and then export as a Premiere project.

      This kinda worked as I got my timeline back so I was just gonna try to work with that, however:


      -Manny clips are a few frames off (position and/or length, some are even like 1/2 a frame off somehow)

      -Every clip is a linked AE file

      -Sound levels are all over the place

      -when I try to tell it to replace clip with the original file it pulls from wrong section or gives an error

      -I already had Linked AE files so those are really goofy


      I am pulling my hair out trying to fix this.

      I would REALLY like to get this project file working again as the last version is 2 weeks old.

      Any ideas or advice?