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    Flash - drop target not working in container?

    thundercat636 Level 1


      I'm very new to Flash overall but I'm hoping this isn't a completely silly question!

      I have produced a Flash movieclip, containing a fair few layers, including masked layers, actionscript etc. One of the things it does is allows the user to click and drag a number of movieclips and drop them anywhere within the mc, but if they drop them on specific drop targets then some actionscript (AS2) kicks in, stops the drag object from being draggable again and advances through its frames to basically 'enlarge' the drag object and play a sound to show the user they've hit the right mark.

      This all works perfectly on its own, or in a browser window etc.

      The problem I have is when I try to insert the Flash movie into an Adobe Captivate 4 e-learning package. Things work ok apart from when you drop the dragged object onto a drop target, nothing happens. The actionscript doesn't execute.

      Would the fact that the movieclip is (probably) sitting within a container (the Captivate e-learning package) be causing the problem? If so, how do I get around this issue?


      ANY help would be greatly appreciated!