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    Embedding external swf file flash.



           I have 1 swf file which generated through 3rd party tool.

      Now I want to embed this file into empty flash file and want to save as new, I tried with following options,

      1) import option ( File > Import ) but it is importing only Images and symbols. I want my original file as it in new file.

      2) loader.load(), but this will load my external file at runtime only and to work smoothly it require both the files.

      I want same but in design time, so I can add some extra functionality to it.

      Is it possible to embed external swf file as it is in new flash file in CS4?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you import swf files into fla files they lose all actionscript/functionality.  The only way to add it to the new file is to copy the timeline of the file into the new file.  Since you probably do not have a file where you could copy this from, then your only options are to load the file during runtime, or take what the import gives you as far as parts go, and design in the functionality yourself.

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