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    problems with clipboard in illustrator



      i am doing some freeleance on a intel 10.4.11 mac running cs3. the studio here is havin issues with the following:

      in illustrator:

      1. cutting and pasting anything take up to a minute and a half. even text.

      2. sometimes cutting and pasting between illustrator and photoshop will give error messages in the opposing program. if i am pasting from PS to Illy then the "unknown error" message box will pop up in PS. but item will actually finish pasting.

      3. in illustrator there are deleted global color swatches that appear after deletion and or when cutting and pasting. the swatches are actually named "deleted global color". also, this happens with brushes, where they keep appearing after closing and saving or cutting and pasting.

      4. alot of "unknown error, huh?" messages and crashes.


      driving us nuts, the ladies here say they have previously reinstalled before i was here but no change (cannot tell if unistalled properly before). i have cleaned prefs and have copied new plugins and presets for illy. any help appreciated.