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    XDcam mpeg 2 or M2T



      I'm very close to purchasing a new camera and wondered if anyone has advice on these two editing senarios.  The Sony cameras I am considered are two very different cameras when editing, the XD cam PMW-EX1r which uses non-compressed mpg or the HVRZ7U which is an HDV camera recording to tape or M2t files.  I've already had the opportunity to use the Sony utility to edit M2T files, they edit just fine in Premiere.  I'm nervouse about editing the XD cam files as Sony only shows support for NLE's such as AVID and Final Cut.  I'd prefer going with a true HD camera, but am very nervous about the editing implications.  I am currently running CS4 on a PC with Vista.  I have also heard that with the XD camera, I could edit in SD for now if there are issues with CS4 as an option to full HD.  I will be switching to CS5 and Windows 7 when they are both on the market.  Can anyone offer their experiences editing XD camera footage on CS4 on a windows vista platform?  Also, how are you archiving footage with no tape backup option?  THanks in advance, Christine Z