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    Datagrid dataProvider Q

    JockMahon Level 1

      I am getting a query back from cf and putting it into a carigorm model


      if is just put the query straight into a element of the model ie


      public var currentPadItems:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();



      model.currentPadItems    = event.result;


      and then in the grid




      this works fine


      My problem is that i will be getting many different data sets that i will be displaying in simular grids so what i wanted to do was create an object with element that have a key of the uniqure data set and then a value of the query/ arraycollection so


      public var currentPadItems1:Object = new Object();



      model.currentPadItems1.a = event.result;


      and ref in the grid as




      this does not work even though when i debug and look at the two they are identical why is this?