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    Problem with connection Qodbc for QuickBooks


      My company is using QuickBooks enterprise 10. We purchased the latest version of QODBC and are using the iBiz

      remote connector to try and connect our webserver to the QuickBooks data remotely so that I can run a nightly import of financials and customer updates. I have everything installed correctly and I went through the process of setting up the datasource in Windows via a system dsn for QuickBooks. I can click on the Test Connectivity button and it says Connected to QuickBooks successfully. I also can run their little demo VB app in Windows on the webserver to connect remotely and do a simple select * from customers and get all the results. So yes, the datasource is setup and connected obviously.


      However, I need to set it up so that I can write my ColdFusion page to also access this datasource. I went into my administrator and setup a new CF dns with the ODBC Socket and selected the QuickBooks system dsn to connect to. I put in the correct username/password as well. But I can't get it to successful register and connect via CF.  I keep getting the following error:


      Connection verification failed for data source: qbdata
      java.sql.SQLException: Timed out trying to establish connection
      The root cause was that: java.sql.SQLException: Timed out trying to establish connection


      I've tried everything. Restarted the server and the machine that QuickBooks is installed on. I've tried removing and resetting up the qODBC driver and the actual DSN setup. Nothing seems to work to be able to get ColdFusion to connect to the datasource.


      Any ideas or help?

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          Reed Powell Level 3

          At the end of your message when you talk about restarting systems, it sounds like you are dealing with two machines - is that the case?  The Qbooks is on a system other than the CF server?  In that case you need to make sure that CF is not running as the (default) service account, because that account cannot do network accesses.  Same problem as if you were trying to do a CFFILE or CFDIRECTORY to a UNC.  If you have CF installed with the default settings, then create a new admin account, and then go into the SERVICES menu and change each of the CF components (especially the ODBC services) to use that account for their login account. You might (depends on your networking setup and OSes involved) also have to work on the access prives for the share drive on the system running QBooks so that the server running CF can get to it.  The reason that it seems to be working when you do the test from Windows ODBC is that at that point it is accessing the server running QBooks using whatever login account you (not CF) are currently logged into.


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            MWGrace Level 1

            They are on two separate machines but they are not on the same network. The datasource is setup using QODBC driver with iBiz remote connector. It is connecting to an IP address on a port like We have a few other datasources setup that point to an IP address as well that have no problem connecting in Coldfusion and those are using the ODBC Socket driver type as well. Would this still be an issue?