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    Rebrand Shockwave3D as Flash3D?

    Robert Crowe Level 1

      I've had conversations with Adobe people, including Tridib, trying to lobby for the idea that Shockwave3D should be rebranded and re-thought as Flash3D.  For me, that's really what it is - a 3D layer on top of Flash's 2D that adds unique capabilities, including 3D and Xtras, to the long list of what Flash provides.   I compare it to Flex, or AIR.  I think if is was seen as part of the Flash suite, instead of a completely separate stack, it would be a lot easier for Adobe to market it both internally and externally.  I also think closer integration with Flash would benefit both products technically.


      I'm posting this idea here to see what the rest of the Director community thinks.  I use Director for Shockwave3D web development only, but I know that there are people out there still using Director for 2D stuff, projectors, etc.  What would Flash need to add to make it possible for you to migrate your application to Flash?  What would be the downside of moving Shockwave3D into the Flash suite, as a more closely integrated layer?  And lastly, just for grins, do you think adding Actionscript support to Director as a third language would be a requirement?



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          tyree_2 Level 2

          the problem isnt turning it in flash. they dont try and promote it or pay much attention to it. while they havent cancelled it. its clearly not a priority.

          and now they have legitimate competition in the 3d space. Id rather not see director become an add on for flash. I prefer lingo.   

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            Same here, I prefer Lingo too. This rebranding would rather be a long term rescue for Flash than for Director, I think. Depending what happens with HTML5 and primarily with MPEG4 codecs, Flash is on the edge to lose more and more advantages compared with non-proprietary technologie. Director has the far less, but in the end I think more stable basis with its 3D, Web- and not to forget desktop apps. I think better than to build a "jack of all trades device" that nowhere works real good would be an effort to develop these unique features, making them working perfect. Why ActionScript? My opinion is you can get results faster in Lingo.

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              3dbear Level 1

              Looks like they've been working on a successor to shockwave3d all along - but its for flash. Adobe will release more details in a few months.

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                Robert Crowe Level 1

                I don't think they've been working on it very long, and of course I take full credit for putting the bug in their ear! 


                If they add a real 3D engine to Flash then I'll be happy to use it.  If it's halfway 3D like the support in 10.1, then I'll be disappointed.  It sounds promising at this point from what they're saying, but we don't know when and we don't know what yet.


                Until then I happen to know that there are some great things coming for Shockwave, including AS3 support, full 10.0 Flash support, and Flex support - it's a pretty long list of upgrades, and people are pretty excited about it.  My guess is that it will be released long before Flash 3D.