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    Error 1606: Unable to find %appdata%/


      While preparing taxes at Taxact.com, using IE 9 via Windows Vista OS, attempts to call up forms, view/print the return, etc, all redirect to Reader which returns Error 1606:  then something like :Unable to to find %appdata%/.  It redirects to Windows where it says a solution to the problem exists and to download the updates.  The download works but subsequently fails on install.  Attempts to uninstall Reader ver 8.1.3 through the windows Control Panel  fail with the same error messages.  Attempts to manually remove the Reader ver 8.1.3 fail.  Attempts to load the updates fail.  So I'm stuck with a bunch of applications that rely on Reader to display forms that don't work anymore and all attempts to correct the problem fail.  Anyone else seen this?