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    Swimming upstream on streaming flash


      I am trying to stream a flv, and have had no luck . . . i’m the picture of frustration right now . . .


      Here’s what I’ve tried/ruled out/etc as well as other vital information


      -I know my server settings are ok, because I can stream flvs in Flash, no problem . . . just can’t do it in Captivate

      -I know I have metadata, because Captivate has no problem registering what size my video is

      -I am using rmtp . . . rtmp://fms.xxxxxxxxxx/xxx/test/

      -instance name:  intro

      -I can insert flv using progressive download with no problems, but I would like to stream in order to eliminate issues for the end user


      Why oh why won’t it work?  Bear w/ me, I’m also a new user to Captivate, brought in to look at a project that I didn’t create.


      Thanks much for any guidance.