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    Problems with Premiere Pro CS4: First Use/Install

    Dwight McCann Photography

      I'm a photographer. I have a Canon 1D Mark IV which takes HD video. I bought Premiere Pro to edit the video. It installed without complaint. When invoked, it is VERY slow.  The first splash panel shows (purkle with "Pr") but the long rectangle at the bottom is white without content.  After a lot more time, the main window opens and then the little within window (with Open Project, New Project, Help), but it does not display that content but rather is transparent right back to my wallpaper (picture of my daughter.)  If I then grab the little window and drag it off-screen and back on then the correct content appears and I can click on an option. From that point on everything is very slow and after each click I must drag the entire window off screen and then on screen to see the updated content.  If I import a .mov file I can get it to play in the upper left panel (I am totally unfamiliar with Pr at this point and apologize for my poor knowledge of the nomenclature) including resetting to beginning, etc.  But if I attempt to import more content via the lower left panel, after each click of a directory choice I must slide the window off screen and back on to see the expanded choices.  This also goes for selecting the frame rates, codecs and almost anything else.  This is, of course, unusable.


      I suspect that it is a video card issue.  I am running WinXP Pro on a two core DuoCore 3.33 mHz with 4GB RAM and two Gigabyte 8800 GT cards and a relatively recent driver from the nVidia website. I have a RAID 1 system disk, RAID 5 work disk and RAID 0 scratch disk with maybe 750GB free space. I run virus and malware protection as well as system maintenance software for defragmentation and registry mainenance, etc.  Most other Adobe products run well including PS, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, etc.


      I have no idea how to determine the cause of my issues.  I tried the KB but other than a few simple things it isn't very helpful.  I expect this is a well known symptom of something so if I have missed it please just point me to what is needed.


      On a side note, I will be building a new i7 Win7 64 bit box this summer and would appreciate a pointer to where I can find component builds that will work well with Adobe Web Premium CS4 as well as Premiere Pro.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          How are your dual vid-cards configured, SLI, Crossfire?


          The first thing that I would do would be to get the very latest driver for the nVidias.


          Not sure if Window Blinds is available for Win 7, but do you have that? Updating Window Blinds has fixed similar issues.


          Good luck,



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            Dwight McCann Photography Level 1

            No SLI/Crossfire (makes me shudder to think about it!)  I guess I'll try new drivers again.  Never heard of Window Blinds and won't be on Win7 for six months or so ... I am on WinXP Pro (with service packs and patches.)  I also have a Dell XPS 1730 laptop and will install on that, too, to see the difference ... it is a smokin' machine but doesn't have enough disk resources for video.


            I have been reading some other threads which address performance issues that I will keep in mind before constructing my new machine, but this doesn't seem like that at all.  I also keep my machine moderately clean although I do have a fair amount of applications.  I was particularly enthralled with the idea of turning off the internet adapter and then turning off virus checking while editing ... so easy and simple but I would never have thought of it. I already run fairly minimal services considering all the things that just sit there most of the time.


            While I am sure I could find it, can you point me to the "supported" hardware list?


            Thank you very much ... you (and others) are very kind to us.

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              Dwight McCann Photography Level 1

              Well, Bill, it appears the driver was the issue ... shoulda' known!  It happens that I have another issue with the video cards where both monitors don't always get recognized whether I have them on the same card or two cards and that sometimes has confused the issues on video.  I had found a release that seemed to work 75% of the time (the other 25% requiring a boot) so I had stuck there since subsequent releases didn't work as well ... and forgot that I got stuck quite a ways back.  So, with the latest driver all the issues I mentioned in my original post are resolved and performance isn't nearly so bad ... not totally snappy but acceptable for what I want to do I think.


              So, now I need to learn about Premier.  I think I'll take the month or two of free Lynda.com education that comes with the purchase of Premiere after registration unless someone has a better suggestion.  In any case I am very pleased this didn't drag out as so many previous problems have. :-)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                There have been some issues with recent versions of nVidia drivers. About the time that Adobe announced a confab with them on GPU acceleration and other wonderful enhancements, things kinda' went south - bad timing. Many users found that a roll-back was required. Then, some experimental types found that two gamer-only modules, PhysX and 3D Stereovision, which could be turned off, would get the newer drivers working in Adobe products. Now, nVidia has very recently released some updated drivers, where these modules were NOT turned on by default, and those seemed to work with Adobe products, but much might depend on the cards and on the particular drivers.


                Now, I run dual 21" Hitachis on my single Quadro FX-4500, and have had zero issues.


                The Window Blinds was a guess, as older versions of it (do not even know what the heck that is) did cause some GUI issues, especially with buttons and dialog screens.


                Good luck, and glad that you have it sorted, even if it's only 75% now.