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    Design View/Outline broken


      Not sure what caused it, or when it started happening, exactly, but the outline view now shows a red exclamation point next to a "Root" entry, and nothing else. When I switch to design view, its blank.


      The app compiles and runs fine with no errors or warnings to speak of. I can't find any malformed syntax or structural problems.


      So... what's the deal?

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          David_F57 Level 5



          there are a few things that can break designview if the code is not formed correctly. Have you had any environment changes such as updating the sdk. Did this happen during development or was it working then when you restarted FB the designview was not working.


          Can you create a new workspace add a simple project and get designview ?


          Have a look at your code and see if scripting block has duplicated or missing its cdata start and end block. Make sure that some weird gotcha glitch hasn't created a scriptblock within a scriptblock. This can happen when autogenerating events sometimes, especially if an mxml component creates the scriptblock then you go to the file header,especially in skins or custom components, and let it generate code.


          Without seeing code or knowing how your environment is setup makes it a little difficult with these sorts of issues but hopefully one of the above will get you part of the way.




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            ayule666 Level 1

            No problems with duplicate script blocks or missing CDATA tags.

            I did have a random "Skin" tag at the top that I forgot about. Deleting that gives me Outline view, but still no design view.

            I'll keep looking...

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              TeotiGraphix Level 3

              I have also noticed that is there are errors in skins or any frameloops

              happening outline view dies.


              One major one would be a binding in a skin that is not initialized