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    Image Distortion-Please help!


      I am using Fireworks MX (6.0) to batch process photos.  Though this version is definately outdated, I still find it serves my needs nicely and gets most jobs done. Today I encountered a problem that I have not had before and I am stumped.


      I chose the setting “Scale to Fit Area” and set the max height and width at 550 pixels each.  It works great for photos that are bigger than 550 x 550, however, for photos that are smaller, they are made larger and now look blurry.

      For ex. a photo that started as 227 x 436 was batched into a photo that became 286 x 550.  In my version of Fireworks, I DO NOT have this checkbox, “only scale documents currently larger than target size.”

      What can I do to properly scale photos in this situation? Thanks!