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    Auto Text Import - Easy Way ?




      I'm wondering if there are any scripts available to import text automatically ?

      I have 3 Boxes they are labeled A,B,C.....  I would like the script to import word files and place them in those Boxes .. 


      File A - Goes to box A etc ...


      Any tips ?


      thank u

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          Shonkyin Level 3

          This will helpful for you


          var myDoc = app.activeDocument;

          var afile = File("~/Desktop/a.txt")

          var bfile = File("~/Desktop/b.txt")

          var cfile = File("~/Desktop/c.txt")

          if (!afile.exists || !bfile.exists || !cfile.exists)


          alert ("Text file missing...")










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            TestOCM Level 1



            Thank you it works like a charm ...

            I stumbled upon two issues ... I'm trying to import text file with random number in front    437865_name.txt

            I did try to use "*"  *_name.txt  but its not working ?


            And I did try to import some .gif files ... using that ... I guess it can't be done ?



            Thank you for your help.