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    CS4 not exporting audio with video


      For a while now I've been working on a video for my class, mish-mashing together a bunch of smaller .avi files into a cohesive whole. Everything inside of Premier works perfectly. I edited the audio tracks with Soundbooth, so now they are .wav. When I export the video, first I tried MPEG4 and messed around with a lot of settings. After this didn't work, I searched around and discovered that Premiere occasionally doesn't like it when you change the pre-set settings, so I switched to H.264 High Quality and exported with that. Same deal: the video works fine, no audio. And yes, I made sure to check the box that says "audio and video" and not just video.


      In short: How do I get Premiere CS4 to export my audio and video when I tell it to?