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    Creating your first LiveCycle ES2 Application

    BPM Developer

      Got about halfway done with the tutorial and realized that it requires LiveCycle Output ES2.  That is an optional component that we don't have.  I would assume many others don't as well.  Did anyone catch this fact before now?  It is not documented in the document as required, but the services you have to configure do indeed require it.  Thoughts?


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          GilbertYu Level 2

          Hi Eric,


          You are correct. The Output service is required as listed on page 5 "Installing a LiveCycle ES2 server". It mentions that you need Adobe LiveCycle Output ES2 and Adobe LiveCycle Process Management ES2 to complete the tutorial. If you have access to the server, run the installer again and select Output ES2 in the LiveCycle Configuration Manager. H


          Hope that helps!