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    Blinking Layers



      This might be more of a new feature request, but I thought I would ask just in case it exists already, and I missed it:

      I wondered if it is possible to set a layer to turn on and off repeatedly?

      For example, this would be useful when comparing different versions of the same artwork. One could be set on top of another and set to turn on and off repeatedly and show the layer underneath. Any differences between the two could be seen easily. This is rather like the "blink comparator" used in Astronomy to tell when a planet or comet is moving within a background of fixed stars. Photos of the same sky area taken at different times are compared by blinking between the two images.


      I do a lot of silkscreen artwork for the back of audio equipment, and subtle changes in lines and text are not often seen easily.

      Thanks for your help.

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          Paul Cracknell Level 3

          No that feature doesn't currently exist. Did you know that you can Option/Alt click on the eye ball in the Layers panel to make that Layer view as outlines so you can can view some layers in outline mode and some in preview mode as the same time. That might help you?

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            Harron K. Appleman Level 4

            Worth filing a feature request... although I would not hold my breath. In the meantime, you can do something like this:


            Assuming all strokes and text on the "original" are of one color, change all the strokes and text on the "possibly changed" layer (which should be above the original layer) to a different color. In the transparency palette, set the overlay mode for the objects on the "possibly changed" layer to 'difference.'


            Any differences between the two layers should then be readily apparent, even where there are exact overlaps.



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              bluebrit Level 1

              Hello Harron and Paul,

              Thanks for the help, I will try these suggestions out.

              I will also try suggesting this as a future feature and see how that goes.

              Thanks again!

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                This will take a little practice.


                Turn the layer off hit Command Z that will turn it on then hit command Shift Z and that will turn it off again.


                You can probably script this to loop until you hit say the escape key.


                I do not think it will be a feature anytime too soon if ever.