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    Merge Flash Player Skin with Flash Video for Single Flash File


      My company uses a content management system for it's website and I am the administrator. The CMS does not require or use html code. I am a new to Flash, but I am able to produce some simple files. I have compiled a simple 2 minute video clip that I need to upload to my companies website. The Flash file requires a player skin which I was able to produce. I understand that when you output to Flash, two files are created. As I understand it, one file is for the skin and the other is for the movie along with the html code that links the two. Unfortunately, our content management system does not recognize the link between these two sets of files and I am unable to import them. I can import the flash movie clip without the player, but that does not suit my needs. I can import the player skin without the movie, but there would be no point. Is there a way to output both files into a single Flash file with the player skin embedded into the Flash movie? I have the full Adobe Master Suite CS4, is it possible another program could be used for that purpose or is this an impossibility? Any information you could provide would be appreciated...thanks...