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    Pioneer BD-203 Blu Ray drive Observations and questions

    andy.nehan Level 1

      I have a DP35D motherboard with a Q6600 processor and 2mb RAM. I run XP with SP2 and PE7.


      I use hi def video and usually write to a DVD burner, with no problems. I have 4 hard drives with a dedicated drive for PE7 video files, a 1TB drive.


      On DVD all is well.


      So I installed a Pioneer BD- 203 Blu Ray drive (all my drives apart from the DVD drive are SATA). Installation of the BD203 went well, the PC recognised it and I was not required to "do" anything. It was  a bare drive so NO additional software was installed. I did not need to go into the BIOS or "do" anything.


      I went into PE7 and the BD-203 was instantly recognised - so far so very good!


      I took an existing 1hr 27 minute Hi Def video which I had successfully written to DVD and wrote it to BluRay. As a matter of interest it took 1hr 40mins to encode the video (as an MPEG2 file), then PE7 reported that the disc (BluRay that is) was being burnt (Burn in Progress) but there was no movement of the progress bar within PE7 and the hard drive was busy for just over an hour. Then there was activity on the BD-203 drive but the progress bar remained static - after maybe less than an hour the drive spat out the disc (a Traxdata 4* record BD-R disc) and NO error messages were reported. So all looked relatively good, at least thats what I thought. I have NO means of playing the disc at the moment and the BluRay disc certainly has some data written to it but only about half a discs worth.


      I tried to read the BluRay disc on my PC and Windows XP said "Windows cannot read from the disc. The disc may be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows". I was not overly concerned by this as I have no BluRay reader on my PC.


      I then encoded a separate 2 and a half minute video onto a Verbatim BD-RE disc. Obviously this was a much quicker process!! Once again the same set of processes albiet much more speedy.



      1. What encoding should I select MPEG2 1440 * 1080i PAL Dolby OR MPEG2 1920 * 1080i PAL Dolby? My camcorder produces 1440 by 1080i as I believe is common practice.
      2. Can I assume that the resultant discs are OK or should I suspect something?
      3. Is there a free/cheap BluRay player for a PC that wont interfere with the BluRay writing operation or cause any other problems? and which I can use on my PC in order to verify that the discs I have written to are OK?