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    Creating a wrapper for PDF files?

    Applied CD Level 1

      We’ve created a menu for PDF files. The PDF files are protected to the extent the Acrobat will allow but our client is complaining people are still pulling their PDF’s off the disk and slapping them up on the web. Does anyone know a way of creating a wrapper around the pdfs so that they will not function on the web? (turning them into projector like executables would be sufficient) I’ve got Impresario but as far as I know it will only work with linked content, it will not embedded the content within the Director cast.

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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          You could encrypt the files with something like BuddyAPI's baEncryptFile(), and then when you need to open

          the file, quickly copy the encrypted file to a temp folder, decrypt it, then open it.  Then delete the temp folder when it is not needed anymore... It is far from foolproof, but it will stop a casual hacker.


          Or you can password protect the pdfs and make a viewer with Impressario that will open them with that password... So, even if someone rips the pdfs off the CD, they cant do anything with them since they wont know the password to open them.  Then the pdfs will be only viewable in your viewer, not acrobat in general (unless you tell the password)

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            Applied CD Level 1

            Thanks Mike.


            The problem with BuddyAPI is that the reader offers a “Save As” option even on the protected file, however, I’m gonna try to remember the encrypt function because I think it might have application elsewhere.


            The Impresario option would probably work, however, when we told the client it would be about a 3 or 4 hour charge to implement and they said “no thanks, it’s fine the way it is” … sometimes it’s amazing how problems go away when you attach a price tag to the fix ;-)