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    Oops! I think I broke it!!

    pfield69 Level 1

      I've been using AE for a little while with no real problems.


      I deactivated my suite (due to another programs bug) & reinstalled AI. For some reason this has upset the AE installation where the exe was no longer on my drive but also couldn't uninstall (just hang my pc). I reinstalled AE (re-entering serial) and all no works.


      They only problem (I have noticed) is that on every start AE tries to "instal additional files formats and effects", locking the program for a couple of minutes before failing and continuing as normal.


      I have ran the Third Party setup which completes and reports that it has been succesfully installed previously.


      Any ideas as its very annoying.


      Master Suite CS4, Win Vista 32bit.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What exactly did you do with your install? Did you reinstall using the suite installer? Uninstall the whole suite before that? I'm not clear what you realyl did. By all accounts, suites should always be completely reinstalled. The so-called "repair" mode simply doesn't work reliably. I suggest you simply uninstall, run the CS4 Clean Script from the support pages and reinstall from scratch.