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    Another AVCHD question :-) Recommended Camera


      OK, I recognize AVCHD isn't a popular topic.  We have all been through trying to bring AVCHD formatted video into Premiere trying to edit it natively to eliminate reformatting the video to a higher performing format for Premiere.  So let's try it a different way.


      I am using Adobe Premiere CS4, can anyone recommend a new consumer grade AVCHD camera that natively performs well editing with Premiere CS4?


      I only want HD, or flash so I guess that ensures I need to stay with the AVCHD format.  I currently have the Sony HR-SR1 and have struggled for years with it.  Finally Premiere reads it, but you can't do a thing with it.  I'm running a quad xenon 3ghz processors with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 video card.  7200 RPM HD, throughput I am unsure of but very aware of how important it is.


      Is there a camera on the market that formats AVCHD in a manner that can practically edit in premiere natively?


      Thanks in advance,