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    Hyperlinks in linked Word documents don't work


      Hello All,


      I'm having a problem with hyperlinks and I'm hoping you can help me. I have a RoboHelp HTML 8 project built out of Word 2007 linked files. There's a dozen Word files right now, but I'm hoping to scale up the project eventually. Each file is a topic in the CHM.


      I have two problems when I generate the CHM:
      1. Links to anchors within the same Word document generate extra subtopic files. Each extra topic begins at the anchor point. The links work, but I'd like to avoid having extra topics cluttering the TOC.
      2. Links to anchors in other Word documents don't work at all. When I examine the HTML in Robohelp, I can see that RoboHelp has generated an empty link. When I link to a Word document without specifying an anchor point, the link in the CHM is to the document itself and not the topic, which is useless for my purposes.


      For example, the generated HTML for each of these types of links looks like this:


      <p>Link test: <a href="#_Using_Styles">Later in the same topic.</a></p> <== This one works, but generates an extra subtopic
      <p>Link test: <a href="" target="_self">To another topic.</a></p> <== This one doesn't work at all.


      Before you ask, yes, I have checked the "Convert References to Hyperlinks" box in the RoboHelp Word conversion settings. According to Adobe documentation, that's all I need to do... So what am I doing wrong?


      Thank you in advance for any suggestions,