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    Write Document Service

    JT01 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am attempting to write a pdf out to a network location and I am receiving an Access is Denied error message:


      \\ntresource\(W)datastor\InformationTechnology\Shared\FY11 IP Plan Project Document\ALC_.pdf (Access is denied)



      Now If I write the pdf to a different folder with less security in place it writes just fine.


      My question is what determines LiveCycles access to network storage locations?  I was lead to believe that ALC inherits permissions from the user that starts the Jboss service on the server...  The person that started the Jboss service(me) has access to write to both locations.  I cannot find any reason why LiveCycle would be able to write to one location but not the other.


      Any thoughts?