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    Unable to detect newly added webservice


      I have added a new webservice to my existing coldfusion component file(wsdl file).

      But when ever I try to invoke it, the browser gives me an error that it cannot find the webservice with arguments.


      For some strange reason, if I include the same code in an existing webservice IT WORKS.


      I have created webservices in coldfsuion and deployed it in BlueDragon server (inside JBOSS application server).

      I can see the request and response wsdl messages created for that webservice(method) in WSDL file.


      <wsdl:message name="getSessionSetUpResponse">
      <wsdl:part name="getSessionSetUpReturn" type="xsd:string"/>


      <wsdl:message name="getTestObjectResponse">
      <wsdl:part name="getTestObjectReturn" type="xsd:string"/>


      Can anyone point out what might be the reason.How to solve it...


      PLEASE help its urgent.......