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      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to merge 5 sub-projects into the main project, and keep getting the "The file mk:@MSITStore:C:\[path]\[project name].chm::/[project name].hhc contains an invalid HTML tag". I can open the main and all sub-projects individually without getting the message. I recreated the TOC of one of the sub-projects, and then merged it into the main project and did not get the error. Relief....at least I know what needs to be done. This was very short lived. The message appeared after merging another CHM with it's recreated TOC. Adobe's Tech Support suggestion to recreate the project from the HHP did not solve anything.

      I've lost almost two weeks of real-work time trying to fix this. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, deleted the CPDs, recreated TOCs, created new projects from HHPs, and nothing is working. Does anybody have an answer?

      I'm using RoboHelp 6 and Windows XP.


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          Your error message tells you that it is in the TOC - the .hhc file - so that is where you should focus. There seems to be something wrong with the way you are creating your TOCs. The .hhc file is a text file, so you can open it in Notepad and have a look. It should be full of list items <li>, ordered and unordered lists <ol>, <ul>, and objects. An "invalid HTML tag" will have something else between the brackets. This might give you a clue as to where to look.


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            Hi John,

            Thanks for getting back to me. The real message I'm getting is:
            The file mk:@MSITStore:C:HTML Build\ProPricer\Help\winpps.chm::/winpps.hhc contains an invalide HTML tag.
            winpps is my main project. I can view all of the individual sub-projects without the message. If I remove the merged projects from winpps, I do not get this message. There is one project I can merge without receiving the message. That CHM is WhatsNew. I did as you suggested and opened the winpps.hhc file. The code for including What's New is:

            <object type="text/sitemap">
            <param name="Name" value="WhatsNew.chm::/WhatsNew.hhc">
            <param name="Merge" value="WhatsNew.chm::/WhatsNew.hhc">

            The code for one of the other merged CHM files is:

            <object type="text/sitemap">
            <param name="Name" value="impexp.chm::/impexp.hhc">
            <param name="Merge" value="impexp.chm::/impexp.hhc">

            I can't see a difference. The code is the same for the other merged projects as well.

            Since the message doesn't occur within the individual projects, I think it has to do with merging them into winpps, but the winpps.hhc file is not giving me any clues.

            Thanks again,

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              Okay, this is nuts, but I'm going to hop out onto this limb anyway. (Sorry - I've been watching the squirrels all morning.)

              Your link to WhatsNew.chm has caps in it. After you established the merge link, did you change your settings so that the generated .chm is all lower-case? Yes, I know this shouldn't make a difference in a Windows environment, but paths are tricky because JavaScript is case-sensitive.

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                Hi Elisa,

                Sorry, but I haven't changed any settings. I open the winpps.xpj to generate the winpps.chm, the WhatsNew.xpj to generate the WhatsNew.chm, etc.


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                  I am experiencing the same problem. Did you ever find a solution to this issue? If you did find a solution, could you post it here? Or send me a private message back?



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                    Hi Todd,

                    I can't say I found THE solution, but as of this morning, I was able to open my CHM without getting the error. Here's all that's happened since the last post:

                    1. I sent my project folder to Adobe. I did have illegal characters in the file names......hyphens. I replaced all the hyphens with an underscore, saved and closed the project, then deleted the cpd file and opened the project again.

                    2. Adobe sent back an edited project that I was able to open without getting the error, but the TOC was not right. The merged projects were inside books pertaining to the main project. The minute I moved them to the left so that they would be at the proper level, the error came back. I remembered reading another post that said they had fixed the problem by placing the merged project inside a book. I created a book, inserted the merged project, and did not get the error after generating. Only glitch was that I now had a book inside a book. I opened the subproject and removed the top-level book, and placed the default topic page at the top. Opened the main project, removed and readded the subproject inside the book in the main project, generated and got no errors. I will repeat this process for the remaining subprojects.

                    3. Reformatted my computer and reinstalled everything from scratch. I don't know if this helped or not, but I was running out of ideas.

                    My guess is that the merged project should be placed inside a book in the main project's TOC. You'll just have to rearrange the subprojects TOCs so you don't have books inside books.

                    I wish you much luck,