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    Help in migrating from adobe forms 6.0 to 7.1




      I have a set of adobe templates that have been developed in Adobe Livecycle designer version 6.0.


      Now I will have to move these to Adobe LiveCycleDesigner 7.1



      I could get a document 'Compatibility of Adobe Designer 6.0 for designs with Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1"

      I read abt the text formatting compatibility and event model compatibility of the form designs.


      What could be the best way to do this?


      If i open the version 6.0 in Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1 and do a simple "save-as"...will it work??


      Appreciate your response


      Thank you

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          pguerett Level 6

          It is not the Designer per se that decides what is supported in your template ...it is the target version that you are designing to. So when you open it in Designer 7.1 then go into Form Properties/Defaults you will be given additional options for the target version. If you target version 7 then you can test the things that you mentioned .....if it causes you issues then you can change the target version to 6 and all should be the same as before.