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    PE8 - Monitor Quality when working with MPEG2 files?




      I'm still looking into whether to buy premiere or not and have a few questions which may all be related:


      - My original MPEG2 file is 704 x 576, Premiere exports as 720 x576. Are there really two different standards for widescreen?


      - My original video is nice and clear, it's not so wonderful in the  PE8 monitor. My short 1 minute MPEG2 did finish it's background  rendering and has a green line over the clip. Why is this not the same  quality? (I assume it's not due to it being the trial version, which has a big banner across the middle to prevent it being ripped off).


      - Premiere reports "Display performance will be poor due to incorrectly operating card or driver", although I've read that is isn't necessarily a problem.


      System Spec:
      - Intel i7 2.8ghz 860 Quad  core, Nvidia GT220 graphics card with 1GB memory, 4gb memory
      - Windows 7 pro 64 bit (Windows expeirence index is 6.5 out of 7.5)

      - latest video driver updated to (21/02/2010)

      - Currently running on PE8 Trial.

      - System disk: 37gb free (Intel X25-M solid state 80gb SATA2  disk), project/cache drive: 884gb free (SEAGATE 1.5TB Barracuda 7200RPM)