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    Help inserting Tables


      Hello all!


      For my senior seminar course, we have to make an e-portfolio. We were given templates to use, but I have decided to make my own webpages using dreamweaver and photoshop for the design. This is my first expereince working with Dreamweaver, so I am having a little trouble. I have my 5 pages designed in photoshop, and opened up in dreamweaver. My problem is I need to insert a few tables, I just dont know how to do this ontop of the design, if this is even possible. Sorry for the lack of technical terms, I hope it all make sense! Thanks in advanced for any help. It is grately appreciated by a senior trying to finish the last project before college graduation!

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          Robert Heist II Level 3

          I'm not quite clear on what you are asking.


          Have you made the entire page layout as a single graphic in Photoshop?  If so, that isn't the way to go about it.  You can slice it up in Photoshop and export it to an html file and then put content in the places you want.  Or, better yet, make the graphics in Photoshop and drop them into a table (or more properly divs) to hold them in place.


          In DW you can insert a table in the...insert menu.  Then add the graphics from there.

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            Inserting tables with Dreamweaver is really easy. All you got to do is to use the insert tool, specify the number of rows and columns and you will have a table ready. Select 0 if you don't want the borders. Just experiment with the tools a little bit, you will find it very easy to learn quickly.


            The best part about tables is that you can insert tables and merge cells in tables so you have text and graphics alongside each other. Tables are great for creating a very nice layout which will be very difficult otherwise.


            Good luck with your learning

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              in addition to Richymartin84's hints, I want to schow you the individual operations. Although they come from the German DW, I believe you will see how it works:










              And here is this table ready to fill it:



              Enjoy it!