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    How can I burn just a selected part of the project to DVD?

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      Afternoon all,


      we downloaded a number of clips from our HDV that we wanted to use in making a short movie (1 hour's worth of clips will end up being a movie of about half that length). After doing that, we decided to do a 'preview' of 2 minutes worth of mixed clips (5 in total) with music.....I made a new copy of the whole project and then deleted everything that we didn't want from the original collection of 1 hours worth of downloaded clips so that the project just left 2 minutes worth of clips.


      When we tried to burn this 2 minutes to DVD it seemed to be trying to do the whole project including a whole lot of nothing where I've deleted everything.


      Could you please tell me how to select only the 2 minutes worth of 5 clips and audio so that I can burn only that bit to DVD and also upload it to YouTube.


      A million thanks from a challenged newbie who can't find any instructions for doing this..