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    Live Paint - Overlapping Shapes Problem




      I have made a design in Illustrator CS3 that has a lot of shapes like circles and squares as well as a lot of swirls and lines made with the pen tool.  There are many layers so a lot of the shapes have shapes underneath them and overtop of them in places.


      The problem is, when I make the whole vector design a live paint group, it createslive paint spots in the areas that are overlapping.  For example, lets say I have a circle with part of a rectangle underneath it (you can't see the rectangle because the circle has white fill).  When I make the live pain group it makes that part of the circle where the rectangle is, its own paint group so now the circle has to two paint groups instead of one and I can't just paint the entire thing one color.


      I have tried deleting those overlapping paint groups with the live paint selection tool but that only works some of the times.  Sometimes it just deletes the actual lines underneath which is a huge problem.



      How do I solve this problem?



      Any help is much appreciated, this is really frustrating...


      - trexmatt