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    Games and API

    Ethan Rom Level 1

      So it seems there are a variety of ways to send data with Stratus.

      Which would be preferred for the following use cases?


      1) A player vs. player 2 player game, ex. Streetffighter where moves and position data are constantly updated

      NetStream.send()  ?


      2) A kids virtual world where 20+ clients are constantly tracking each other's positions. ex. Club Pengin, Webkins

      netGroup.post(message); ?



      3) A turn-based game with several players, like Tex Hold Em

      netGroup.post(message); ?



      Under what circumstances would the following be useful in sending game data, moves, positions, etc?

      Object Replication






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          kirill2005 Level 1

          I'm working on a multiplayer sidescroller game (Stratus 1) - one player starts a server, others join (with help of server-side server list).


          For each player that joins the game a pair of netStreams is created (server->client, client->server).


          On the server each object in the game world, each frame checks which replicatable properties have changed and constructs a message with updated values.


          Client receives these messages and dispatches them to appropriate proxies in its game world.


          In between these updates the client "simulates" the game world with last known object positions and velocities.


          I use NetStream.send("MessageReceived", array-of-messages ) to do actual processing.


          Does this help with your 1) ?



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            Ethan Rom Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.

            That sounds like a fun game.


            I'm wondering more about the pros and cons of using different methods of sending data between peers in these common game situations.


            NetStream.send vs. NetGroup vs. object replication etc.


            My concerns are latency, reliability of transfer, etc.


            stratus was created with a variety of use cases in mind (video chat, skypishness, file transfer, games), but I just want to understand which api's would be best for games and where they should be employed.