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    "Apply" button is grayed out for text animations


      I am using premier elements 4 and tryoing to apply a text animation to a text clip.  I have selected the clip jhust like it show in the help sections, but the "apply" button is grayed out so I can't get the animation to the text.  I can select an animation, I just cant seem to "apply" it.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          How many lines of text do you have. The animation Presets will ONLY apply to one line. If you have more, there are several ways to get what you want.


          Let us know about the lines of text, please.


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            rickblunt1961@cox.net Level 1

            Thanks for responding

            Ahhh... That explains a certain behavior that I had noticed but was not sure if it was relevant.  I am using 3 lines of text, and I noticed that if I put the animation in right when I clicked on the "text" key, than the animation would work with the default "enter text" verbage.  But as soon as I changed the text (in this case three lines) or if I went back and tried to add the animation to other text boxes or what have you - then I was not able to.  You said that there were other options?  I would be interested in those.  I have been reading the suggestions about using bluff titler, ulead, and othes such as that.  RB

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Yes, the Title animation Preset will only work on one line of text. Besides the Keyframing method that I suggested, one can also create multiple, one-line Titles, and apply the same animation Preset to each one.


              If you are doing it that way, you might want to think about using an "alignment grid," such as attached in this ARTICLE. Just remember that you will NEED to remove the alignment grid, prior to Export, or you WILL include them, and that is not what you will want.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Oops, I did not mention Keyframing animation - must have been in another thread. Sorry.


                The method that I use is to Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Position, to create my animation. I seldom rely on any Presets, as I want total control.


                To do this, one uses the Edit Effect button to get to the Effects Control Panel. Then, one would take their multi-line Title, and position is, say off-screen below, and place a Keyframe there. Next, move the Title to say a desired spot to "pause" it (something that cannot be done with a Preset). Place another Keyframe there. Move the CTI (Current Time Indicator to when you wish the Title to start moving off-screen to the top and at the end of the Duration of the Title, with it off-screen top, place a last Keyframe. One beauty of Keyframes is that one can adjust their Velocity with setting like Ease-out and Ease-in, or Continuous Bezier.


                This is a look at the Effects Control Panel showing Keyframes. Note, some changes have been made to the "look" of the Panel, but the operations are still the same.


                This is actually a look at PrPro, but it is more similar to the look in PrE 8, than my PrE 4 is. Everything will not be exactly like this, but close enough that you should be able to match the operations up.


                Good luck,