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    Playback in Premiere


      Ok, so I installed CS4 on my mac-mini with the following specs:


      2.53 GHZ Intel Core 2

      4GB 1067 MHz DDR3

      at least 100GB free hard drive space



      And this is the strange thing, when I load a video into Premiere, I can drag my mouse through it to hear the clips of audio and video, but when I hit the play button in either video window, it plays for less then a second and stops. The quality plays fine and matches the audio, but it will not play more then a second before it stops. I would assume this is a rendering problem but I cannot figure it out. I have tried all optimization suggestions online and am still stumped. Any ideas?

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          JBaumannConsulting Level 1

          I just tried running an audio file in the preview window and it does the same thing. So it doesn't seem like is a video problem but a Premiere problem in itself?

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            shooternz Level 6

            You will need to supply a lot more info because this is likely to be your hardware / system / or "you"

            type issue rather than a PPRO issue. ( If it was PPRO issue it would mean thousands of others would be having the same issue...and they arent)


            Start with what type of files are you using and what kind of Project setting are you using?


            Then give details about your hardware ( eg H/drives etc)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Along with the full details, especially your Project Preset, and your source footage (Assets), is there a red line above the Clips? If so, hit Enter/Return to Render those Clips. Line will turn green. Now, is playback better?


              Also, if you have a single HDD, things will likely work very, very poorly, especially with regard to playback. Two, physical (very important) internal HDD's of 7200 RPM minimum and a good, fast controller, say SATA II, are the absolute minimum, and three will be even better.


              Good luck,