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    Aspect ratio


      My movie is record in SD Pal Widesreen on mini DVD with Sony HDR-UX9E( This camera record Both SD & HD on miniDVD and Memory Stick-ProDuo )

      I capture the Vob files with Media Downloader in Adobe Premiere Elements 7 from miniDVD. Interpret Footage tell me the files is Pal Widesreen but the image is 4:3. Playback settings is DV25i (720X576). Existing other settings in Media Downloader or in Project Settings or Preference for this "problem" ?  My Pc is Intel Core2Duo 2,4 Ghz , 3 Gb RAM , 2X250 GB HDD ( Raid 0 -Stripe) , PNY Nvidia 8800GT ,WindowsXP(SP3) , PE7 , etc...


                             Thanks, Adrian

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using the Premiere Elements project preset for widescreen DVD/Hard Drive camcorder?


          And what happens if you set interpret footage to 16:9?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I'd run the file through the free utility, G-Spot, and see what it says for the Aspect Ratio and for the PAR. Often an editing program will miss the flag, that tells it what the settings should be.


            Also, different cameras create Widescreen in different ways. Some will shoot 4:3 and just crop for a Widescreen "look," while some will shoot pure 16:9, and some will shoot 16:9 and squeeze it to 4:3 to be un-squeezed by the player (anamorphic). If you can check the manual to see exactly how your camera comes to 16:9, that could be very useful too.


            Good luck,