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    text selection problem

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      Wondered if someone could put me out of my misery here:|

      creating a flash application that has a menu system, with different forms. The problem i seme to have is that say u r on a form wiuth mutliple inout fields. If u populate 2 fields, say the first has four characters placed in it and the second has 10. When i click from the first to the second and try and select at say the eighth character it will jump back to the fourth character. Somehow the focus seems to be retianed form the first text field! Has anyone experienced this? Its beiung published in as2 and yes using some v2 components (which i thought id mention as they seme to cause issues).

      thanks in advance

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          oh and one more addition to this is that it appears to work correctly in author mode, the problem occurs only via a browser:| its driving me spare
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            well ive fixed it. so thoyght would post just in case someone had simailr problem. bascially the problem was with levels. i had a login swf that was on the base level the forms were on antoher level. What i had been doing is skipping the login swf to a frame that didnt have the login movieclip. what i did to fix it was to keep the login movieclip on the frame but place it off stage. this seems to fix it.

            however its dirty so if someone can help me make it less hacky i would love to learn how:)