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    Finding a Thread by number corresponding to posts in the thread

    head spin

      I apologize for my lack of forum expertise and hope this is a valid question that maybe others have had.


      I posted a thread recently and along with the answers in the forum I also got an 2 emails with a corresponding numbers for the posts in the thread. Same Thread but 2 different numbers one corresponding to Nealeh and the other corresponding to Bill Hunt. When I followed the numbered links they took me directly to the Thread and their respective posts. So I discovered that by simply typing a number in the search box it would take me directly to the post of each person and their answer.


      For example: 2629977. Thanks for your suggestion Bill and I will check on Muvipix again. I already registered a while back and looked at some of Steves' tutorials on PE7. Fast and furious and he made it look easy.


      You guys provide direct links to posts in other threads (through your highlighted Blue links) that might be related to the one currently on screen. Works great. I usually scroll up to the top and read the whole other post to see if related to problems I might have. The question I have is how do I find these numbers related to Threads and/or posts in a certain Thread. I could then take a number and write it on my notepad with the subject matter and when I go back into the form looking for a particular item I just type a number in the searchbox.


      If this is already covered somewhere I aplogize again. I typed various things in the search box and didn't see it. Please direct me if I missed it. Thanks for your help.