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    video as a base layer?


      Heya folks,


      Just wanting to know if its possible to embed a video in Illustrator.


      To give a bit of context:

      I need to produce vector drawings of microscopic organisms. Unfortunately at high magnifications I have very shallow depth of field so i can only see (or photograph)"slices" through the animals at any time. also unfortuantly, the structures that I need to draw extent through multiple depth fields


      I want to be able to take a video of the as I very slowly focus through the organism and then embed that in Illustrator.


      That will allow me to effectively fake being able to focus on any depth field by moving along the video progress bar. I can then vectorise the structures I see on another layer on top.


      This may be a grand dream but I thought I'd ask anyway.

      any ideas?



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You cannot embed or even import a video into Illustrator what you can do is embed frames that have been exported as stills and then you can perhpas give them some transparency and place several on top of each other.


          You can however bring the video into Photoshop and probably do what you seek to do in Photoshop. Or perhaps into flash or After Effects.


          Both are being used to make major motion pictures such as Avatar which was made entirely with Adobe applications so I assume Photoshop and Illustrator as well. In photoshop you even have a 3D space an in After Effects as well.


          Illustrator files can be brought into Photoshop as smart objects and are integrated with After Effects, Flash and Premiere Pro which I believe was the NLE used for Avatar.

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            vttoltal Level 2

            Unfortunately, Illustrator cannot import videos. Another idea would be screen capturing (pressing the Print Screen key in Windows) and then importing that screen capture to flash or illustrator and tracing the bitmap to create your own vector image. It will be a very time consuming task but at least that will get your job done.


            Hope that helps,


            Vicente Tulliano