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    Refreshing a Datagrid

    FlextasmicD Level 1

      I'm using a HTTPService as the data providor for a datagrid. The datagrid basically consists of 3 main columns. The individual price of a product, the quantity of the product and the total price for the product (which is obviously individual price * quantity). The quantity column in the datagrid is editable and the aim is to update the total price of a row live when a user changes the quantity.

      Now the dataprovidor updates absolutely fine (I'm using the itemEditEnd event btw).... so if a product has an individual price of £300 and a user enters a quantity of 3, the dataprovidor shows the total price has been changed to £900.... but the datagrid itself doesn't reflect that (just shows the orginal price and doesn't change at all).

      Is there any way to 'refresh' the datagrid (which it's supposed to do anyway when the dataprovidor is updated) programatically?

      Many thanks!