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      I would like to take a few minutes to give thanks to the Adobe team, perhaps this isn't the right place, but in some ways it will do just fine.


      I've always used your products, Adobe, but like most developers I have an open mind and I will equally try any product, opensource or not. But when I downloaded and began trialling Flex Builder 4 (beta 2), I was astounded.


      I'm a swiss-army knife coder, at once I am throwing something together, at other times I am polishing my own products, but never have I been offered a tool as powerful and in tune with my coding style as with FB4.


      Not going to ramble, but I am going to make a request - please let this message make its way to the deadline-driven, the workhorses, the idea machines and anyone else who deserves the praise at Adobe.


      Many thanks,

      David J Wallace